April 15, 2010

My current camera building projects

1. I will be installing a front lens and sensor unit from an SX-70 to a Brownie Box Hawkeye camera.

2. I will be building a 4x5 instant Fuji film camera.

3. Still can't figure out what to do with my Polaroid 80 A (above, in a slight state of dismantling as I turn it into a macro camera). The front element may be used on the Brownie instead.

April 5, 2010

Untitled (Shriners)

Untitled (Shriners), originally uploaded by *jj*.

Problem is the Yashica can't get in as tight as the Mamiyaflex.

Untitled (Cadet, Girl)

Untitled (Cadet, Girl), originally uploaded by *jj*.

I nearly sold the camera that took this picture. Am I crazy?

Oh, shoot. I did. What was I thinking.... at least I have my Yashica 635.

April 4, 2010

Photo adventures on craigslist

Okay. I think I hinted on buyers remorse or guilt a few posts back.

I have become addicted to camera buying and only now am I comfortable admitting it.

Two nights ago, I saw Diary of a Shopaholic and the pangs of recognition hit admittedly. While Sophie Kinsella's creation Becky Bloomwood couldn't resist Prada (and as a fashion journalist, I too can hardly fend off luxury handbags, I just LOVE a woman carrying Prada), I can't resist classic old cameras.

I have a problem. I own more than 32 cameras of varying quality and value.

And I wanted more. And since I've yet to submit my manuscript (I'm writing a book) and receive the rest of my advance, I am dead broke or nearly so. My camera buying days are numbered.

Awful timing because the Vancouver Camera Swap Meet is just around the corner!

So with these two forces acting on me, debt and lack of income, I started selling a few choice cameras.

I've sold the Pentax Spotmatic SP to a very enthusiastic shooter...happily so... (will continue this after dinner)

April 3, 2010

The legend of the Takumar continues

I just sold my Spotmatic and my Nikon EM. Another query came in for just the Super-Takumar lens. It makes me sad to think the bodies will languish and the lenses will be enslaved to D-SLRs.

I have only two Taks left. My 28mm f3.5 and the lens above. Originally, I was planning on keeping both. But, guess what, selling cameras is nearly addictive as buying them. Though I find I'm buying more than I should.

I have had my eye on some Polaroid cameras...the cycle continues.